A chesty cough, otherwise known as a productive cough, is one that produces mucus. The cause of a chesty cough could be the result of a bacterial infection, allergy or viral infection. It is important to take note of the colour of the mucus that is brought up during a chesty cough to help determine the cause.

Seek medical advice about your cough if:

  • You are coughing up blood or green, yellow, brown or rust coloured mucus
  • It causes severe pain, fainting, vomiting or exhaustion
  • It is mainly at night
  • You also have a fever, rash, weight-loss, sinus pain or generally feel unwell
  • You are wheezy, short of breath or have chest pain or pain when breathing in
  • It lasts more than three weeks for an adult or one week for a child


In the case of a chesty cough, with clear or white mucus production, a simple cough preparation may be useful. There are a range of over-the-counter medicines that are available at your local Advantage Pharmacy that can help provide some relief.

Chesty cough preparations often contain ingredients to help clear mucus from the airways, reducing the persistent cough. Preparations may contain a number of ingredients and are available in different forms e.g. liquid, lozenges or tablets.

For children aged 6 plus and adults, a chesty cough liquid, such as Robitussin ME Chesty Cough Forte Liquid, may provide some relief. This cough liquid contains a combination of two ingredients to help break down and also thin mucus, making it easier to clear the airways. For a herbal cough syrup which is also suitable for younger childeren , Prospan Chesty Cough Relief may be a suitable alternative, to help relieve and ease coughing. It has a non-drowsy, sugar-free, gluten-free and alcohol-free formula with a pleasant taste.

For convenience, Duro-Tuss Chesty Cough Lozenges and Bisolvon Chesty Tablets are available from your local Advantage Pharmacy. These products help to break down excess mucus and are suitable for children aged 6 years plus.

Additional Advice

Here are some additional advice which you may find useful:

  • Drink lots of warm liquids, for example honey and lemon tea, to help loosen up the mucus and relieve coughing
  • Allow your body to rest and recover
  • Try avoiding mucus-producing foods, such as dairy products, whilst your body is trying to combat the cough
  • A humidifier may be helpful to loosen chest congestion
  • Avoid inhaling tobacco smoke as this can worsen coughing symptoms
  • Take a supplement to help boost your immune system

Chesty Cough

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